Black Mountain Bears

A beautiful little book, featuring...Silas and Lucinda, Wilbur and the Triplets, and not forgetting the much asked for Walter and Winnie. This delightful little book includes step by step, easy to follow instructions, with lots of pictures to help! And of course, their stories are in the book too! Each book is £20 including p&p

Silas and Lucinda... These are my versions of Silas and Lucinda, The first knitting pattern featured in the book

Wilbur comes next after Silas and Lucinda, here is my Wilbur

Along side Wilbur in the book, sit very comfortably his brothers, The Triplets

The much asked for Walter, he's in there too, but he doesn't really go any where without Winnie so she's the final pattern in the book, including her pretty little dress

Black Mountain Bears lives on in a book.......

Now you can knit your very own Black Mountain Bear

At every show I go to with my troop of bears, I am asked the same question, 'how can I make one of these beautiful bears myself'?  And so here we are, its time to share the Black Mountain Bear Magic.

You can create your own unique Artist Bear using my collection of knitting patterns.

All the easy to follow instructions come complete with the bears own story in a beautiful little book for you to treasure.

This is a perfect project for the avid knitter and crafter with a love for beautiful bears




So if you love to browse the wool shops, choosing your own colours, fibres and textures, then a Black Mountain Bear Knitting Pattern is perfect for you.

The book features my unique patterns. Every Pattern takes you step by step with complete easy to follow intructions, from everything you will need to get started, through to the knitting, and onto sewing to complete and bring your beautiful artist bear to life.  All in a lovely little book for you to treasure and knit and knit again.

For now to buy your own copy please click on the link Jeremiah Bears it'll take you straight there, where you can have a browse, and see the changes and buy directly.