Black Mountain Bears

Capturing Memories in a Memory Bear

Cherishing Memories long into the future

Artist Memory Bears 

Under the bed or maybe in a drawer or tucked away somewhere safe are some things you decided to keep, they mean too much to not have somewhere, but you don't often see them  and you're not too sure what to do about them.  A memory bear is a beautiful way to keep your memories, inspired by your special items, included in the creation of your special bear, for you to see, love, cherish and treasure every day.  You might think your items won't work, or you haven't got enough but there's usually a way!  (I've had a pair of flip flops before) Your bear could be patchwork, or applique, or very can decide.....

Seeing those special items wrapped up in a bear triggers a smile and a reminder of days gone by for you to cherish on into the future.  Every Bear is unique, created with love and care, and finished with attention to detail to hold your memories safe for generations.

To order your very own Memory Bear or to have a chat about your requirements go to you can just click on the link, it'll take you straight there!



How to buy your very own Artist Bear  

Take a look at all 'Our Bears' for adoption. Every artist bear from now from Jeremiah Bears is unique, hand crafted and collectable, and are looking for a new home, so please do go to the new website jeremiah bears

You may have your own ideas for a bespoke bear or a memory bear, again so please click on the link and visit the new website, or give me a call to talk it over...