Black Mountain Bears

Black Mountain Bears have moved.....

Bringing a bear into the world is a labour of love sewing together the spirit and substance of each character.  Each individual artist bear has a big personality, and every memory bear captures sentiment and memories, and of course love in a way only a bear can.   

Every artist bear is brought to life with beautiful tweeds and wools, all hand sewn and embroidered – each bear being crafted with absolute attention to detail and finished with unique touches.

Black Mountain Bears are available at many of the best collector exhibitions in the UK but you'll need to go to the new website if you'd like to choose a bear to capture your heart and share your life.  Have a browse at  

And now, you can pick up the baton and create your own Black Mountain Bear with the new book, Black Mountain Bears, A collection of knitting patterns and their stories by Laurianne McKenzie.  The book contains easy to follow, step by step instuctions to nurture your bear to life.  A fantastic creative project for any crafter with a passion for bears with personality.  

About Jeremiah Bears....

Many years ago, when I was quite small, my granny bought me my first knitting set.  Patiently she sat with me teaching me how to work those little red needles until my mother picked up the baton, and even more patiently picked up countless dropped stitches.  It didn't end there, Aunty Ida soon had me delving in her rag bag and sewing all kinds of things on her beautiful old hand singer sewing machine and very soon I had the best dressed dolls and bears.  Creating things has always been a treasured part of my life.  

When my son was little I knitted him a bear from amazing soft, hand dyed mohair spun from local angora goats up in the hills.  He took him everywhere and very soon people were asking me to create one for them too and so Black Mountain Bears was born.

But now its time for a big change!...... As I start a new season in my life, and the Black Mountains dissapear in the rear view mirror, so Jeremiah Bears have been born!  So my bears, now  with a new name would like to introduce  Memory Bears to our bear family, capturing memories in a bear, for you to treasure long into the future.   Black Mountain Bears have become Jeremiah Bears.

I'm still creating every bear from my own unique designs, no two are the same as over the years and through the seasons, new personalities and characters emerge, inspired by nature and creation.  Once the bear lived his own story but now the story is surrounding the bear in embroidery showing the beauty of nature all around.    

Every one of my bears is unique and special - bringing a smile to my face every time I see them.  Knowing that they will bring a smile to your face as well makes creating them even more special. 


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